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Rights-Driven Development

Human rights logo, resembling both a dove and a hand, with the acronym "RDD" overlaid

We have dramatically increased the speed of development and can deliver updates to our customers continuously. Now we 'just' need to make sure that what deliver actually adds value, has no negative consequences, and respects human rights. Businesses should know that they are not harming peoples' rights and they should be able to show that this is the case.

Rights-driven development consists of a a language for expressing rights as well as a number of practices and tools. Together, they help achieve this aim by explicitly including a conception of rights in the software engineering process. Not only can you ensure that your software is more rights-respecting, the tools also allow you to show it!

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Early adopters wanted!

If you are interested to be an early adopter of RDD, please get in touch with Alex Voss.