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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy aims to minimize data collection and use of cookies.

We use no tracking cookies or other tracking mechanisms. Tracking cookies are those that store a unique identifier for the user. They are commonly used in monitoring user behavior and in marketing. We have chosen to do neither as a matter of principle.

Some websites use technical cookies to store state such as user preferences. Such cookies do not track an individual as the information stored is simple settings that cannot serve as an identifier and so do constitute personal identifying information. At the moment, this website also does not use any of these cookies but it might in the future, in which case this policy will be changed and a note be added to the site to alert you of the use of such cookies.

The website is hosted on a dedicated server on Amazon's AWS cloud. It does not include content from other sites. All the required content is hosted on itself, including all code and any fonts, icons and images used.

The server that hosts the website keeps an access log that includes the IP address. These log files are used to create statistics about website access patterns but IP addresses are resolved only to country of origin and not to any more specific location. Access logs are automatically deleted after 14 days.