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A Bias for Due Diligence

"A bias for action" is a motto often heard from adherents of 'Agile' practices1 It is a call to develop systems by learning from mistakes made, revising, adjusting things as necessary. Some liken software engineering to 'science' because they can attach the label 'experiment' to the process of deploying code and gathering data its effects. Appealing as this rhetoric is, it misses and important point or two...

Licensing and "generative AI"

Putting up this website involved thinking about use of copyright and licensing. After some consideration, I have chosen to license the content under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license but recent developments in the field of "generative AI" make this a somewhat more difficult choice than it should be...

Hello world!

Today I am launching, a website to host work on rights-driven development. The idea of rights-driven development has been long in the making and I am excited to get the word out.