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Torshi is a language for rights-driven development. It allows rights specifications to be written and linked to specifications of system functionality used by software developers. Because IT systems rarely consist only of hardware and software but involve people as well, rights specifications can also link to policies for operating the system.

A Domain-Specific Language

Torshi is being developed using the MPS Meta Programming System by JetBrains. It is a domain-specific language that comes with a projectional editor that guides the user through the process of constructing rights specifications.

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Why 'Torshi'?

Torshi is inspired by the Gherkin language used in Behavior-driven Design. Torshi (ترشی) in Persian means 'pickle' and describes a wide variety of sour preserved fruit and vegetables. Torshi extends what can be expressed to go beyond functional behaviour (the 'gherkins', if you like) to express rights - and perhaps other concepts in the future.