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Videos about RDD are available on different platforms to suit your taste. This also avoids the use of cookies and other trackers that would be the result of embedding the videos. Choose the platform you prefer. All links open in a new window or tab.


video still Alex provides a short introduction to the motivation behind rights-driven development and shows how the Torshi language can help in ensuring that software developed is rights-respecting.

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Videos about the outlining the process of rights-driven development. They show how the practice can be integrated with modern software engineering practices and how this integration can be modelled.


Torshi is a language for rights-driven development (and more!) that supports teams in letting rights considerations drive their design decisions. The videos in this section show how the Torshi workbench is installed and used. They provide examples of rights-driven development in action.


A walkthrough showing how to install the Torshi workbench. Choose the version that matches your operating system.

View on Youtube or Download.

View on Youtube or Download.

View on Youtube or Download.

View on Youtube or Download.